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Infants and Toddlers with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD)

Children with SSD who qualify will receive a MED-EL SYNCHRONY 2 implant and two speech processors between the ages of 7 months and 2 years 11 months.​You and your child will be asked to come to our labs in North Carolina for regular follow-up until your child turns five. In the first year, we will see you 9-10 times including screening and surgery. After the first year we will ask you to come see us twice a year until the age of five. All of these visits will be covered by the study. The study does not cover travel and lodging. ​To qualify your child must:​

  • Be younger than three.

  • Have a severe-to-profound hearing loss in one ear.

  • Have normal hearing in the other ear.

  • Not have a cochlear implant yet.

  • Have a normal cochlear nerve.

  • Have a normally shaped cochlea.

  • Be typically developing.

  • Use English at home.



Principal Investigators:
Lisa Park, AuD
Kevin Brown, MD, PhD

The Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC

5501 Fortunes Ridge Dr. Suite A

Durham, NC 27713

IRB# 22-0862


Thanks for your interest! Our study coordinator will respond to you as soon as possible.

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